Event Planning

Planning Your Event

We realize that you want your entire experience with Joseph Scott Galleries to be a positive, enjoyable and profitable one. The success of your auction largely depends on the preparation and planning leading up to your event. With a dedicated committee of at least four people, we can help you plan and hold your event in as little as eight weeks. A large audience, active participation, plus a beautiful mix of art and memorabilia will lead to customer satisfaction and generous profits for your organization year after year. Let’s pick a date.

Selecting a Date

It is important to select the appropriate time of year to hold the event. This decision will be based on your particular organization’s social and fundraising calendar. The time of year to hold your art auction fundraiser is your decision, but there are considerations. Our calendar at Joseph Scott runs year round and books up rather quickly. Your gallery representative will help guide you throughout the entire process of determining the best time of year for your organization to hold an auction. Timing is important. Typically, both weeknights and weekends have been proven successful for conducting fundraising art auctions. Most organizations hold their event on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings so it is important to schedule your auction well in advance to ensure your spot on the calendar. Sunday afternoon is a viable option for some organizations as well.

Choose a Suitable Location

The location for the auction can greatly affect the success of the event. An upscale site is best because it will attract more people to attend and create a buzz around town. Consider a centrally located hotel ballroom, country club, banquet hall, conference center or yacht club. Schools, churches and synagogues often have their own facility to hold the auction which may be suitable for your organization as well. It is important to remember that the more attractive and appealing you make your event, the more enjoyable the evening will be for you and your guests. You will attract a more sophisticated clientele to an upscale location and increase turnout. Your gallery representative is always there to help advise you on the facilities you are considering and will have many suggestions on how to secure the facility at the best value. Don’t forget, a facility will often donate a room to a non-profit organization for a fundraiser.

Room Requirements

The ideal room for the evening should accommodate seating for 125-150 adults arranged in theater style seating with a center aisle and 20-25 banquet tables around the perimeter of the room to display the custom artwork. It is best to present the entire event in one room as opposed to having the refreshments in one room and the auction in another. There should be an adequate PA system and podium for the auctioneer to conduct the live auction. In sum, to hold a successful fundraising art auction you will need:
  • A planning committee, ready to make your fundraiser a reality.
  • Pick a date.
  • A location to hold your auction.
  • Publicity & advertising to “get the word out” to your friends, family and the greater community.
  • Your members and other people dedicated to ticket sales.
  • Theater-style seating.
  • Rectangular tables for art display.
  • Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.
  • A couple of volunteers the day of the event.